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The biggest difference between those websites that get millions of hits and those that fail miserably, isn't dumb luck. 


It's strategy.


That's because just having a website isn't enough. You need to give people a reason to visit it.  

And if you market it in the right way, people won't know you exist, they won't visit your site or buy from you, and you'll always be ignored. 


That's why I believe traffic is the key to success online. 


However, there's a big problem...

In fact, it's very difficult and expensive! 

Until now there's only been two choices for getting targeted traffic.

You can WAIT months to get traffic from search engines


You can SPEND a fortune on traffic from adverts

But there are drawbacks...


First, getting traffic from search engines isn't easy because it takes a lot of technical skill, and then you need to constantly stay on top of complicated algorithm changes. Plus there's no guarantee it will work. 


And the professionals who've devoted their careers to mastering these skills charge hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month. 


​If you don't have the time, or the motivation to learn how it's done, or have the patience to wait around for Google to show up, or if you just aren't confident you'll ever be good at it, the other option is to buy adverts.

But, you face many 


with buying traffic

  • Firstly, most ad campaigns take months of testing before they produce a return, if ever. That makes them very expensive. 

  • Professional ad-guys charge a minimum of $500 per month, and that doesn't include the ad spend that runs into the thousands. 


  • It takes months of studying just learning how to write persuasive copy that might convert strangers into customers - if you're lucky!


  • Ad dashboards have more complicated buttons than a rocket ship, and they're becoming increasingly more difficult to use, plus there's a minefield of easy mistakes to make, and each one costs you more money. 



It means you'll waste time messing around with complicated tech, and waste money on ads that don't work. But that's likely to make you more frustrated, and even worse off than when you began. 


Now, you could just make do with free info... and there lots of great videos and websites out there to choose from.


And anyone claims to be an "expert"...



There's so much bad information out there it's almost impossible to know who to trust. Often, their advice just doesn't make sense, and nearly always contradicts itself. Isn't it enough to make your head spin? 


Posting your links on websites and social media doesn't work, in fact most of the time it just annoys people. And that approach can even get you banned. 


And the biggest problem of all...


Traffic generation is so powerful, those who truly know the secret often keep it to themselves.  


That's why it seems like there's a missing piece of the puzzle, and why most people never succeed.


The fact is, there's a very specific strategy that almost nobody shares. 

So you could waste time and money while you struggle to figure out what works and what doesn't. And that's why most people fail and why there are very few truly successful websites in your niche.

Who am I, and how do I know this?

Hi, I'm Mick Meaney, and I've been digital marketing since 1998, and some of the biggest websites have asked for my help.

So I know how frustrating it is when you have a website you can be proud of, but nobody knows it exists.


You just want enough traffic to make some changes in your life. 


To take control so you can live on your own terms.


Millions of people are doing it already, so why not you too? 


And traffic is the most important thing to get you there, because without it you don't make revenue. ​And then you're really stuck.  


That's why I decided to figure it out


But learning how popular websites become popular wasn't easy


It took me years of trial and error.


In fact, I wasted 3 years on methods that didn't work before things began to 'click'. And worst thing is, most people make exactly the same mistakes.


I want to save you from that. 


Imagine how that feels, spending months working your tail off, with nothing to show for it.


It was confusing and soul-destroying. 


And I felt like a total failure

On top of that, I worried what my friends and family secretly thought about me behind my back


But I knew I had the potential to succeed... 


And through trial and error, and wondering if I was even on the right path, all my hard work paid off... 

I'd finally learned the secret of traffic generation.


Not only had I figured out how to get millions of visitors every month to my own sites, but niche leaders and guru's paid me an eye-watering amount of money to work on their sites too. 


You've probably heard of them. 


And as a result, I developed a traffic system that could be applied to any website, in any niche


I turned traffic generation into a simple science anyone can do. 


So your traffic will be consistent and reliable


And you get it faster than you could on your own. 

Introducing Traffic Monthly

Traffic Monthly gives you fresh methods every month, so your traffic level always increases.


You'll never again wonder how to get traffic to your website. 

My step by step videos will show you how it's done. 


The great thing about Traffic Monthly is that you won't have to worry about paying for expensive ads, or waiting months for Google to show you some love.


And you'll also learn stealthy ways to automate traffic generation, that you can't find anywhere else.  


This is the only training you'll ever need. 

You could benefit from my 20+ years of daily grind, avoid all the frustration and confusion, and just get the traffic you deserve, faster than you could on your own!


In fact, you could be getting results LIKE THIS

"I finally have hope"

"Mick, I've been trying to make things work online for years but I've been getting nowhere. Now I'm actually getting somewhere thanks to you, I finally have hope and light at the end of the tunnel. I've stopped wasting my time and have started seeing results. I din't this it was possible until I met you."

Roger Saire

Affiliate Marketer

"Wish I found you years ago"

"Not only have you shown me how to increase my traffic faster, but you've also shown me the right way to monetize it. Before I discovered you I was stuck making a pittance from Adsense but now I'm making 5 times more, and I have multiple income streams. It hurts to thinking about how much money I've been missing out, I wish I found you years ago."

Josh James

Authority Blogger

"My new site is crushing it"

"It's only easy days but my new site is crushing it, thanks Mick!"

Weny Luttrell


The only traffic training you'll ever need


With Traffic Monthly, you'll get hundreds of top secret traffic methods, without the risk of damaging your site with untested strategies, or waisting any more time or expense.


The fact is, you'll immediately know how to drive traffic to your website, quickly. 


And then you'll continue to grow fast, with new methods every month.

  • New traffic methods

  • Automated traffic generation

  • Steal traffic from competitors

  • Get traffic from shopping engines

  • Content 5X multiplier method 

  • Advanced keyword discovery

  • Google traffic shortcuts

  • Lazy content curation

  • Easy social media traffic

  • Powerful Facebook Groups

  • Stealthy Reddit marketing

  • New updates every month

  • Clicks for pennies on the dollar

  • Scale your traffic to new levels

  • Retargeting traffic methods

  • Deep market discovery

    • Email marketing secrets

    • Borrow and leverage free traffic 

    • Youtube traffic unleashed

    • My private traffic sources 

    • Content syndication methods 

    • And 300+ more videos

    And it doesn't even matter what type of website you've got!


    Traffic Monthly can be used by all websites. 

    • Works for every niche

    • Blogs

    • Affiliate sites

    • CPA sites

    • Adsense sites

    • E-com sites

          Simply put, if you own a website or plan to in the future, Traffic Monthly will remove the mystery of traffic generation. 


          If you want traffic, this will work for you. 

          STEP 1

          To really succeed online you have to know your market and understand it at a deep level. This also means knowing your competitors and being able to reverse engineering their success. 

          STEP 2

          Next to build an audience you have to know what they want so you get results fast and don't waste time or money with ideas that don't work. When you give people what they want, they'll keep coming back for more.

          STEP 3

          Finally you need to know where to find them. This means putting your stuff in front your audience where they're already congregating online, and stepping in front of ready-made traffic streams. 


          Think about it. 


          For the last 20+ years I've devoted my career to finding out what works, so much that some of the biggest websites on the planet have asked for my help. 


          That's why it would cost at least 5-figures a month to hire me (but I'm always fully booked).


          ​So I've packaged all that knowledge into a step by step program and made traffic generation into simple science anyone can use


          And as I see it, you have three choices: 

          You could gamble on ads that you don't know will work, pay a minimum of $500 per month, spend months learning how to use complicated dashboards, only to risk losing it all. 
          You could waste almost a year waiting for Google to send you traffic, but only after you've spent weeks optimizing your website, and then staying up to date with the constant changes.
          Or you could invest a small amount into Traffic Monthly to benefit from my 20+ years of experience while building a highly popular and profitable website that will provide for you and your family.
          Saving you bags of time and money

          More Student Results

          "Nothing worked until I found you..."

          "Thank you so much Mick, nothing really worked until I found YOU! Just little drabs of traffic here and there. I can't believe how a few minor tweaks can make all the difference. Thank you!"

          Sarah Young

          Lifestyle Blogger

          "My life has changed..."

          "I was doing 'okay' before, but in the last 8 months since working with you my site is now on track to hit 500,000 visitors next month. Okay, while it's not the biggest site in my niche (yet), it's a serious player.


          "The impact this has had on myself and my family is significant, obviously my life has changed. And it's proven to me that anything is possible if you work for it. So thank you, Mick, I owe you."

          John White

          Niche Marketer

          "My traffic is steadily increasing"

          "My traffic is steadily increasing. Thank you for everything you've done for me and my family. I think the analytics says it all really."

          Tanya Brice

          Content Creator


          These videos cost less than you think. 
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